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Welding process of 18650 lithium battery spot welding machine.

Generally, a spot welding machine uses two electrodes to squeeze the workpiece during operation, so that the two layers of metal form a certain contact resistance under the pressure of the two electrodes. When the welding current flows from one electrode to the other electrode, an instantaneous thermal fusion is formed at the two contact resistance points, and a flow to the electrode is formed along the two workpieces to ensure that the internal structure of the workpiece to be welded is not damaged.

For workpieces that do not require strict, low-power, long-term common welding methods can be selected, so that relatively small welding lithium battery assembly and processing equipment can be selected, and the impact on the power grid is relatively small. Usually according to the material and thickness of the workpiece, refer to In the welding condition table of the material, first determine the shape and size of the electrode end surface. In addition, first select the electrode pressure and welding time, then adjust the welding current and test different currents. After the test, the diameter of the nugget meets the requirements, and then adjust the electrode pressure, welding time and current within the appropriate range, weld and check the samples until the quality of the solder joints fully meet the specified requirements. Technical conditions.

The procedure for observing the lithium battery spot welder generally first cleans the surface of the weldment and assembles it accurately, and then feeds it between the upper and lower electrodes and applies pressure. The electrical contact causes the pressing surfaces of the two workpieces to be garnered and partially melted to form a rongjiao. After the power is turned off, the pressure is maintained, and the nugget is cooled and solidified under pressure to remove the pressure, and the workpiece is taken out.

Selection of spot welding process parameters: The process parameters that affect spot welding include the structure diameter of the welding electrode, welding energy, welding time and welding pressure. According to welding speed and welding effect, it can be divided into three situations: fast welding, medium speed welding and general welding. For workpieces that require high welding strength and small welding deformation, high power, short time and strong standards are used for fast welding.
The usual method of checking samples is the tearing method. The solder joints made by the high-quality 18550 lithium battery spot welding mechanism are marked as: a round hole to tear the sample, another due to the shape of the boss, thick plates or quenched materials sometimes can not tear due to the hole, but the diameter of the nugget can pass Judging by shearing fracture, this is the detailed process of the entire spot welding.


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