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What is the significance of 18650 lithium battery spot welding machine

The principle of 18650 lithium battery spot welding machine is to combine the welding parts, apply pressure through electrodes, and the resistance generated by the welding method and the resistance generated by the contact surface of the joint and the adjacent area is called resistance welding. Resistance welding has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low cost, lithium battery polishing assembly processing equipment, material saving, and easy automation. Therefore, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobiles, light industry and other industrial fields. It is one of the important welding processes.

Spot welding is a high-speed, economical connection method. It is suitable for manufacturing sheet metal parts that can be overlapped, do not require air tightness, and whose thickness is less than 3mm. It is to weld weldments on various points on the contact surface of the joint. Spot welding requires the gold to have good plasticity. The surface of the weldment is cleaned first, and then the welding plate is assembled and assembled, pressed between the two cylindrical copper electrodes, and pressed with pressure p. When the current is large enough, a large amount of current is generated at the contact of the board. Resistance heat will be the highest temperature gold
It is heated to a highly plastic or molten state to form a lenticular liquid bath. Continue to maintain the pressure P, disconnect the current, and wait for the metal to cool down to form a solder joint.
Therefore, it is only used for the welding of thin plate lap joints, without gold seals, gold nets, cross-reinforced steel structures, etc. If the columnar electrode is replaced with a disc electrode, the electrode is pressed on the weldment and rotated, and the weldment is only continuously fed between the disc electrodes and energized with the pulse. Can form continuous overlapping solder joints, that is, spot welding machine.
The 18650 lithium battery spot welder is a device for connecting lithium batteries. Its meaning is to converge every small energy into a big energy to play a greater role.


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