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Is the number of battery life cycles related to the battery itself?

As the "heart" of pure electric vehicles, power batteries are the key to pure electric vehicles. For power batteries, power battery performance indicators, capacity, service life, etc., are one of the performance indicators used to measure the battery. During the long-term use of the battery, the battery capacity will decrease with the time of use, as a battery In other words, what is the relationship between the number of cycles and the battery?

The number of cycles refers to the time and number of times the battery is in use. In other words, after the battery is fully charged, the battery is replaced, then fully charged, discharged, and then fully cycled repeatedly. For power batteries, a complete charged and discharged process is a cycle. From this point of view, batteries have cycles.

According to the service life of the ternary lithium battery, the service life of the battery is about 1500 to 2000 cycles, and the number of cycles will decrease as the battery is in use. This means that the service life of the battery is also constantly decreasing. During the course of use, because the number of cycles of the battery is constantly decreasing, it also means that an irreversible electrochemical reaction will occur inside the lithium battery, which will cause the capacity to decrease.

Summary: The number of life cycles of lithium batteries is determined by the battery quality and battery materials. The number of cycles of lithium batteries and the service life between batteries are inextricably linked. Each time a cycle is completed, the capacity of the battery will decrease a little, and the service life of the battery will also decrease.


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